How to upgrade Quanta LB4M to Routing Firmware

Hi All, Last week i’ve got a cheap Quanta LB4M; a 48 Gbit switch with two 10g SFP+ ports! But that’s not all, it seems it can handle BGP, OSPF … Continue Reading →

Configuring a Cisco Accesspoint

Hi there,   It has been a time ago since my last post. I figured to post today something about hardware: Cisco Aironet 3502i Accesspoints. These accesspoints provide a cheap … Continue Reading →

Speedtest Spoofer

Hi there, You know these filthy bandwith eaters? “Testing” your sorely needed internet bandwith at your LAN party? Yes! You need the speedtest spoofer! This “trick” is based on the … Continue Reading →

How to host your own EA Master Server (GameSpy)

Dear readers,   I’ve been playing Battlefield 2142 for a long time with golden memories. Unfortunately, the GameSpy servers have been shutdown and online and LAN gaming is impossible. (see … Continue Reading →

How to install lancache on debian

post updated 20-06-2016, now including Playstation Network and Epic games caching. Inspired from and On the above sites, i’ve found interesting information to build a LAN-Cache. A LAN-Cache caches all your … Continue Reading →


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