How to upgrade Quanta LB4M to Routing Firmware

Hi All,

Last week i’ve got a cheap Quanta LB4M; a 48 Gbit switch with two 10g SFP+ ports! But that’s not all, it seems it can handle BGP, OSPF and other routing protocols. I gave it a shot and bought two of  these.

On the web there is a mysterious manual going around, but it is totally not appacible for the firmware i’ve seen. The most accurate manual i’ve seen is this manual.

My switch got the firmware. Quanta switches usually are shipped with a routing or a switching firmware. It took hours for me to find a routing firmware copy. But on Jared’s website i’ve found v. seems to be the most recent firmware, download it here: lb4m.

To replace the firmware you need to connect trough serial and make sure you have a TFTP server (ex. TFTPD32)and a network connection between your pc and the quanta port 1

After booting you need to issue the following command to make the management vlan work:

(empty password, just enter)
vlan database
vlan 40
network parms
network mgmt_vlan 40
interface 0/1
no shutdown
vlan pvid 40
vlan participation include 40

You should now be able to ping the switch IP address from your PC.

The LB4m has room for two images, this how you can check it:
(Switching) #show bootvar
Image Descriptions
image1 : default image
image2 :
Images currently available on Flash
unit image1 image2 current-active next-active
1 image1 image1

To download the image from your pc, proceed with the next command:
copy tftp:// image2

After the copy is complete, activate the image for booting:

(Switching) #boot system image2
Activating image image2...
(Switching) #reload


When the switch it booted, you will see a Routing prompt, that means you have successfully loaded the routing firmware!

To check the version issue show ver:

Image Descriptions
image1 : default image
image2 :
Images currently available on Flash
unit      image1      image2     current-active        next-active
1             image2             image2


Check the next post for the OSPF Config!

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  • Tom says:

    Where did you setup bgp? I don’t see anything that says “configure bgp here”
    I picked the same image you have in your guide here.

  • Gary says:

    I did what you put there and I can’t access the web interface. Do you know how to enable the ports?

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