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You know these filthy bandwith eaters? “Testing” your sorely needed internet bandwith at your LAN party? Yes! You need the speedtest spoofer!

This “trick” is based on the speedtest provided by speedtest.net.

Speedtest.net checks your IP Geolocation and selects closeby mirror servers.
It pings the closest servers and selects the mirror server with the best ping.
You need to spoof the top 3 speedtest mirrors that are near your IP Geo location trough your local DNS server by creating A records of their respective domains.

The speedtest.net client has 2 modes: Native and Legacy HTTP Fallback.
The native mode connects to port 8080 and performs the test with the Ookla Daemon.
The Legacy HTTP Fallback mode connects trough HTTP and requires a web server.

This guide will learn you to redirect speedtest.net clients to your local speedtest linux-based machine hosted on your LAN. In this example we’ll use a Debian distro.

Step 1, Download the install script:

wget http://install.speedtest.net/ooklaserver/ooklaserver.sh

Step 2, Update file permission for installation:
chmod a+x ooklaserver.sh
Step 3, Install:
./ooklaserver.sh install

Step 4, start
./ooklaserver.sh start

Manage the server with these commands:
./ooklaserver.sh restart
./ooklaserver.sh stop

To let the server run in the background, provide this command:

./OoklaServer --daemon

you can use this command in your start-up script, eg. /etc/rc.local

More info can be found on the speedtest.net website.

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  • Verb0se says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    I just tried it out on my setup, worked perfectly!

    For people wondering where to get the server addresses, Ookla conveniently provides a complete list here: http://www.speedtest.net/speedtest-servers.php

    So with some clever editing in a text editor, you can easily extract the servers you want to spoof (e.g only the ones in your country) and edit them into DNS lines compatible with the pfSense DNS resolver etc.

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